What are the clinic hours?

Our clinic sees patients every Tuesday and Thursday evening. Patients must schedule their appointment via telephone.

Nursing Intake begins at 4:00 p.m.

Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants begin seeing patients at 4:30p.m.

Where are you located?

The clinic address is 101 E. Fountain St.

Directions from Google Maps.

The clinic’s mailing address is:

  • Community Connections Free Clinic
    • P.O. Box 184
    • Dodgeville, WI 53533
What will happen when I come to the Clinic for the first time?

Please see this page.

How do I make an appointment?

Appointments can be schedule by calling the clinic at 608.930.2232.

Are there any costs to the patients?

There are no fees for services at the Clinic. Patients who wish to make a contribution may do so voluntarily. There may be some costs for prescription medications, on a sliding scale, based on income.

How can I give back?

Donations of any amount are accepted.

How are x-ray and lab services provided?

The local hospital, Upland Hills Health, provides these services as an in-kind donation to the Clinic.

How are prescription medications provided?

The Clinic stocks the most commonly dispensed medications. CCFC DOES NOT stock narcotics, stimulants, or birth control. Medications not in stock are purchased by the Clinic through a voucher system with local pharmacies or hospitals. Drug samples and free drug programs offered by drug companies are used whenever possible.

Do you have immunizations?

No. Patients in need of immunizations should call the Iowa County Health Department at 608.930.9870.

Do you test for STDs?

No. Patients in need of STD checks should call the Neighborhood Health Partners at 1-877-449-7422.

Do you do pregnancy tests?

No. Patients in need of pregnancy tests should call the Iowa County Health Department at 608.930.9870 or Neighborhood Health Partners at 1-877-449-7422.

Can I get my prescriptions filled?

Patients who need medication must be seen by a provider at CCFC before receiving a prescription through this facility. This rule applies even if you were just seen by a provider at a different institution.

Can I come in just to pick up medications?

If you have seen a provider at CCFC before, you may call our Nurse Manager Rebecca Steffes at 608-930-2232, or stop by the clinic Tuesday through Friday from 10-4 p.m. to determine if you may need lab testing, or provider or nursing care prior to medication refills.

If you send me to the ER, is it still free?

No. CCFC does not have the resources to cover ER expenses. In some instances, if it is necessary for you to visit the ER and you do not have the funds, a program called Community Care at the local hospitals can assist you. Inquiries should be made at the ER.

If you refer me somewhere, is it still free?

Not necessarily. Some of our referrals are free of charge whereas some are not. Some provide a free initial visit but charge for any further visits. It is best to check with our staff and the institution of referral.