Community Connections Free Clinic will accept the medications and medical supply items listed below.

All medications must be sealed. Sealed containers have a foil cover, are in a blister pack, or otherwise packaged in an anti-tamper proof container. All donations should be clean and in excellent shape. Dirty or worn donations will not be accepted. Before use, any identifying information will be removed.

The following supplies and medications will be accepted:

  • Insulin vials, pens, or pen refills (refrigerated).
  • Mediations for chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, etc. (sealed inhalers, nasal sprays, and nebulizer medications).
  • Non-narcotic pain medications such as Metamucil, Lamisil Cream, etc.
  • Samples from an official pharmaceutical representative or practitioner volunteer.
  • Clean nebulizers and packaged tubing.
  • Insulin syringes sealed in bags.
  • Needles used for insulin pens.
  • Stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs.
  • Vitamins.

The following supplies and medications will not be accepted:

  • Opened medications or expired medications (call the Iowa County Health Department, 608-935-2810, to learn how to safely dispose of unneeded medications.)
  • Narcotic medications.
  • Syringes pre-loaded with medication (i.e., Lovenox)
  • Blood testing machines or the strips used in these machines; we bulk order these products.
  • IV medications.
  • Used orthopedic supplies.
  • Sleep apnea machines (can be donated to Upland Hills Health Sleep Center).
  • Nutritional drinks such as Ensure, Osmolite, or Carnation Instant Breakfast.
  • Diapers or colostomy supplies.
  • Large medical supply items such as beds, etc., will not be accepted. Contact the Aging and Disability Resource Center (608-935-0389) about these and other items in this list.