August 2021 – Frida Ballard

It’s time for volunteer spotlight! This month we are spotlighting a fabulous volunteer interpreter, Frida Ballard! While she might be a new volunteer at the clinic, she has racked up so many hours in the past couple of months! Frida explained that she started volunteering at the clinic to get some real-world experience and practice for her oral exam to become a certified healthcare interpreter. She recalls that her favorite experience at the clinic was when one of the first patients that she ever interpreted for returned for a checkup the next month, and they were doing exponentially better than when they first arrived. She said “It was incredible and so rewarding to see them make great progress! It made all the nights of studying worth it!”
We are so grateful for all of the many hours you have devoted to interpreting at the clinic. Thank you so much for all of your help! We know you’ll pass your exams and become a certified healthcare interpreter!
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