End Of The Year Giving

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Friends of the Free Clinic,

Your support of our Clinic these past seven years has been tremendous, and our patients and volunteer staff are truly grateful.

Thanks to your generosity, the Clinic continues to provide:

  • Diagnosis and treatment for those in our community who have no other access to health care – those who might be your neighbor, a local farmer, or someone who recently lost a job and health care benefits.
  • More than ONE MILLION DOLLARS worth of goods and services per year, at a cost of just $120,000 per year. That translate to $8.45 worth of Services and medications for every dollar donated to the Clinic.
  • Education and case management service, especially for those with chronic diseases like diabetes or heart or lung conditions.
  • No-appointment, open Clinic hours two evenings a week, staffed by many dedicated and caring volunteers.

You might have questions about the new Health Care Exchanges and how our Clinic and patients will be impacted. Our Clinic manager, Molly Zuehlke, is working with a community group to establish a system in Iowa County to teach people about the Exchanges and assist them in signing up as the Exchanges become available. The Clinic will be encouraging patients to access this system to get into a Health Care Exchange program.

However, until the time comes when all people qualify for health care, our Free Clinic will be needed to serve many area adults and children. We continue to need your financial support for supplies, medications, facility and salaries for our part time staff.

Just click the donate button below, and thank you for any support you can provide for this community project.


Wynn Henderson
CCFC Board Chair

Aaron Dunn M.D.
CCFC Medical Director